Sunday, August 12, 2007


I have a friend, Danny, with whom I share some pretty strange interests
and we decided to visit a friend who lives in Napa last week. This
friend, I'll call him Mark, owns a working farm which has horses, cows,
chickens, goats and sheep as well as a faithful dog. Danny, Mark and I
have played games together for quite awhile. Danny came over Saturday
night and we had a session of pretty vanilla sex. In the morning we had
some light water play: I pissed my morning's piss in his mouth and he
pissed in mine. We sucked and fucked and then had breakfast (nude)
before staring. Although we both needed to do so, we avoiding crapping.
After a big breakfast, we got ready to go. While it might have been fun
driving my van in the nude, cops tend to frown on that sort of thing,
so I put a large cloth diaper on Danny and he put one on me. Then on
came the plastic pants and then our clothing. Danny is much smaller
than I am, so he took a smaller diaper. Since Danny doesn't drive, I
drove the van. On the way to Napa, I drank coffee from a large thermos,
Danny drank hot chocolate (which he prefers) and we talked about what we
wanted to do that day. Since neither of us had taken our morning shit
that morning, we used the trip up as a means of emptying our guts into
the diapers, farting, pissing and shitting along the way, a planned
treat for Mark and a source of fun for ourselves. Once we got to Napa,
our dipes were pretty full of shit and wet from the piss that the coffee
and hot chocolate had induced. We were both pretty stinky when we
pulled into Mark's place. He had fun with us in the barn for about an
hour, but I won't go into that with you. After we all cleaned up, we
began our play with the animals. Mark is a certified breeder and has a
lot of equipment and supplies which add to the fun of our games. In
particular, he has some animal hormones which stimulate them sexually.
We began our play with the goats. Mark rubbed a small amount of this
hormone mixture on each of our pubes. Then he brought a male goat into
the barn. I don't know if you've ever smelled a male goat when it's
randy, but imagine what piss smells like when it has sat around for
three days, wash a dead skunk in that piss and then you've got an idea
of how bad a randy billy goat can smell. This fellow got wind of the
hormone almost at once and scampered over to where we stood and began
nosing our crotches. Mark was stroking his furry cock sheath and he
erected almost immediately. Goat cocks aren't too big, about the size
of a man's, but they are strange shaped. They usually are fiery red and
don't have a glans. The tip tapers to a blunt point which at this time
was moist and drooling. Danny dived under the goat and slurped the
pizzle into his mouth. Danny is an incorrigible sex fiend. That's why
I like him so much. I watched while he sucked all of the goat into his
mouth, including the fur cock sheath. The animal was starting to hunch
his legs and move like he was trying to mount some non-existant female.
Danny began swallowing and by the smell in the barn, I could tell that
he was swallowing goat jissum. He pulled the peg from his mouth and let
the last bits of goat sperm spatter his face and hair. I loved the way
the translucent flob looked in Danny's red hair. Danny went back down
on the goat to get him hard again (animals have a much greater capacity
for rerun than humans). Mark brought another male goat in and for the
next fifteen minutes, the three of us each got fucked by them. As I
said, goat cocks aren't much different in size from men's, but I love
the feel of their soft furry bellys rubbing against my back as they
mount me. I think goats are my favorite animals to be fucked by.
Unlike Danny, though, I'm not crazy about the taste of their semen. WAY
TOO STRONG AND NASTY TASTING. None of us had cum at that point so we
retired to the hen house. If you think it's cruel to fuck chickens (as
I did when I first tried at age 13) then consider how big an egg is in
comparison to your hard cock. You just have to be careful not to go in
too far. You also don't have to mind getting chicken shit on you since
it rubs off onto your penis while you're fucking the hen. I started and
then Mark went next. Danny was last. After the chickens we waited
awhile and then Danny announced he was horney and wanted to fuck again.
This time we went outside to where Mark keeps his pigs and Danny
alternated between fucking me and the sow. I was preparing for what I
knew was going to be our finale that day: one of Mark's ponies. Danny
has a pretty big cock and after the goat fucking I'd taken, he was
streching me more. After he finished his pig fuck, we went back into
the barn. Mark brought one of his ponies over, rubbed hormone mixture
on my face and had the pony nuzzle me. (Ponys are not young horses.
This guy was fully grown and stands about twelve hands at the shoulder.)
He is one I've played with many times and he loves our games. I moved
along side of him and began stroking his cock. as it began to peak from
inside the sheath, I slipped under the beast and began licking it. It
pushed out quickly and I spent several minutes licking it all the way up
one side and down the other. Horse cocks are spatula shaped and too
big to fit in ones mouth but I could get the tip in and sucked my four
legged friends piss slit. Mark was massaging his belly and at one point
Danny lifted the beasts tail up. The pony has been trained to use
these signals to start urinating, which he did on signal. The strong
horse piss poured from the prick with such force that I could only take
a couple of mouthfulls before I had to pull my mouth away from the
pizzle. I drenched myself in the flow and as he was slowing it down,
replaced my mouth on the spewing hole, drinking the last cup or so of
bitter, somewhat salty urine. When I'd finished my drink, Mark brought
over a contraption he had had built especially for use with his ponies.
It is a table on wheels which allows a person to be under the pony at
the right height to recieve the horse's advances. I slipped out from
under the pony and lay down on my belly on the padded table. Danny
greased my ass well, gradually getting each one of his fingers in my
asshole until he had all five in. Once he was able to get his fist in,
he pulled it out and Mark brought the pony over me and the two of them
guided the hard prick into my ass. It is like being fucked by a fire
engine. The only bad part about animal sex is that is ends so quickly.
When I had been fucked twice by this pony, they removed it from over me
and Danny got behind me and slurped his tongue around inside my rectum.
It was easy slurping since my hole was stretched so wide. When he was
done, his face was streaked with animal cum and some of my shit. He had
such a sweet smile. I took that pony twice and another one one more
time. After the fucking from the second pony, Danny and Mark gave it
the signal to piss. This time, my gut and not my mouth was filled by
horse piss. In the position I was in, I had no choice but to accept the
hot animal piss. Once the animal fininshed and his peg shrivelled back
into its sheath, Danny dove for my hole and drank the filthy horse piss
as it poured, unstaunched from my hole. I had to wear diapers that
night, too, since after the abuse my asshole had taken, there was no way
I could hold my shit in. The three of us played up in Mark's house
before going to bed. But that's a whole other story of piss, shit and


A stallion that could speak. His malevolent voice turned my
guts to ice. "Bind him." The command was to his companion.

It had taken two of them, but I, Laerak, King's Champion of
Mindea, was beaten.

The lesser of them was an Elf. Tall, he loomed over even me,
his face unearthly -- and beautiful. His eyes burnt like the
blue wizard's fire illuminating this rough forest camp. The air
was hot; crystal rivulets of sweat ran between his pectorals.
His square-jawed face seemed chiseled out of sapphire; his long
black hair looked as if it had been ripped from the night sky.
Between his thighs hung his preferred clothing -- a skimpy
deerskin loincloth, dangling from a black leather belt. His
skin was smooth and hairless as a boy's ass.

He wasn't the master here. The stallion ruled.

A huge white horse with an ebony mane. Taller than my own
mount Mouraus, who they also held. Muscular. Massive. Male.
The stallion Aradd. He stared at me, challenging me as I had
challenged the transgressors of the laws of the Kingdom of

Obeying Aradd's orders swiftly, the Elf bound my wrists with a
long rawhide thong. Casting the end over an ancient oak's
branch, he pulled the strand so tight that I stood on the balls
of my feet. My muscles strained and stretched, their shapes
coldly delimited by the demonic blue glow.

The Elf stood from his work and said, "He is bound, Aradd."

The stallion nodded -- just as a Man would -- then turned and
walked thrice round the wizard-fire. Shadows played on his
flanks. The fire leapt up high, as if oil had been cast upon
it. Yet I felt no heat.

Thrice the stallion circled. His eyes were turned away from me
and the Elf, away from this world, focused on something beyond.

As he walked, I smelled him.

Rich and earthy, like all stallions -- like all males. It
smelled of ball-musk and headcheese, but mingled with it was a
fragrance of a different order, something strange. An electric
cinnamon that was somehow hallucinogenic. When I smelled it
clearly I dreamed of my lusty, sweaty youth.

"Look at me, Man," said the Elf.

Immediately I looked at him. I saw the half-moon of his
partially uncovered ass. Down the backs of his thighs I saw
sweat rolling. A flood of saliva filled my mouth.

He said, "I am Salanu. I am on a quest. You are Laerak,
King's Champion of Mindea?" Behind him, behind the evil fire,
stood Aradd wreathed in shadows, outlined by the fire.

The stallion's eyes were fixed on me, and I feared what they
might see. I couldn't speak. Except for the nervous whinnies
of Mouraus, all of silent.

"Make him speak," Aradd rumbled. A thrill like lightning
pulsed from my crotch to my brain.

Salanu turned. He held a huge, shiny black stone. In diameter
it measured perhaps as much as his huge thighs. A rawhide thong
was tied to it.

The Elf strode towards me, smiling. I felt my testicles,
dangling low between my spread thighs, shift nervously.
Droplets of rank sweat dripped from my armpits.

He knelt before me, seized my balls. He yanked them downwards
in my sack. Sharp stabs of pain tore through my sides. Deftly
he twisted the rawhide around my flesh. I felt him start to tie
the knot, felt the bitter end of the rawhide flick at the
intimate parts of my thighs.

Salanu stood, his fist holding the cord tied to my balls,
supporting the stone's weight. He grinned. "You are Laerak the
King's Champion, are you not?" He waved his fist back and forth
a bit.

I felt the heavy stone bang against my knees, felt the tug on
my balls. I didn't speak.

He dropped the rock.

My scream split the night. Pain exploded up out of my groin in
a red volcanic gout. The stone was squeezing my testicles out
of my sacs! I shut my eyes, tears pooling at their edges. I
twisted and writhed, suspended by the tree and by the weight.

"You are Laerak," he said calmly.

This time, my breath ragged and wet, I nodded.

"You are of the House of Dyarmen, then. The House of Dyarmen
holds the Championship by hereditary right, does it not?"

I nodded. Blood pulsed in my balls.

"The House is the possessor of the Rod of Might?"

My balls burnt like fire. I didn't speak. What he asked me to
do violated every oath I'd ever sworn. He'd not know!

I shut my eyes, because I didn't want to see the agony the
stallion would command him to do to me. There was nothing
except the burning pain -- and the smell of Aradd, making me
think of my youth in the barracks of the Fortress of Gautrond ...

"Open your eyes," said a voice, deep and resonant as thunder.
The stallion advanced so that his head was over the Elf's
shoulders. His dark eyes peered at me. His smell raged at me

"Salanu has," Aradd said, his voice stirring the silver seed in
my stretched balls, "for his kinfolk, taken up a quest. I guide
him. He must assemble the Seven Great Talismans, of which the
Rod of Might is one. Your kingdom is its location, your house
is its guardian."

I said nothing. Demon! My balls' pain filled my guts with a
black acid, but I wouldn't answer him. Oaths I'd sworn and
oaths I'd keep. They'd not break me. I watched them. How
similar were their eyes -- as if they were twins. In Salanu's
hand appeared a strange whip. The rawhide strap dangling from
it wasn't very long -- a foot or so. It seemed very supple.
The muscled Elf didn't move, merely let the thing dangle from
his hand. The rawhide swung like a big, pendulous cock.

I heard a slithering noise, like oiled leather sliding over
wood. Through my pain-distorted gaze I saw Aradd's genitalia.
They were massive. Lordly. His balls were bigger than my
clenched biceps; the black skin covering them seemed stretched
and inflamed. The scabbard hiding the demon-horse's cock was
made of thick, black leather.

I sucked in air in a horrified strangle.

The lips of that scabbard suddenly parted -- the head of an
enormous pink cock protruded through. It looked like a huge
python. With legs shaking, I waited for the unbelievable length
of the stallion's penis to emerge.

Aradd said, "For right now, this is all you deserve to see."
And his incipient erection stopped with only his fat cockhead
showing. The godlike shaft was thicker than my wrist.

Salanu knelt beside the horse. He extended the whip into the
horse's shadowed groin. He positioned the whip carefully. The
leather flap covering his cock seemed to be angled away from his
crotch a bit. I saw muscles in his jaw flex.

Aradd's pisshole opened like the mouth of a shark.

The yellow stream sprayed outwards, a golden ray of sunlight in
this night of sorcery. I heard the sibilant hiss as the stream
struck the whip, heard the splatters as the urine dribbled to
the ground. The flood ran down the rawhide, darkening it,
excess pouring onto the ground.

Sweat ran down my inner thighs from my asshole as if I bled
from inside. And I smelled Aradd pure and unmingled. The
hallucinatory component burned directly into my blood, swept
into my brain, carried me upward as if I were an ember born
aloft in a plume of smoke.

The barracks of the Castle Gautrond: crude, wooden, rushes
strewn on the floor. The smells of ripening boys -- crotch
sweat, urine, new semen. I had come there, as all
fifteen-year-old males were bidden to, for training in the
military arts.

I remembered standing in the barracks, on a cool fall day,
naked because I was not a man and not entitled to clothing
except in winter. My already over-long prick dangled well below
my tightly packed balls. I felt the air on my quivering
asshole. Was it truly the air that made my hole pout and clench
-- or was it the gaze of my sergeant, who had ordered me to
stand there at attention while he examined me?

My sergeant, a huge man, muscled like an ox, who circled me,
wearing nothing on his naked chest, girding his loins with black
leather armor. My sergeant, whose hard cock arrogantly thrust
out from below his loin-armor, dripping a clear fluid as he so
clinically examined me. My sergeant, who circled me and circled
me without speaking, his square-jawed face framed by shoulder
length black hair, who suddenly stopped his circuit, directly
behind me.

The fire in my brain died briefly, and I saw the real world.
Salanu drew back the piss-dripping whip, swung it hard. The tip
cracked against my left nipple; the exquisite agony of it
exploded into my pec. A trail of Aradd's golden piss smeared
me. It dripped from my erected nipple. The second crack fell
on my right nipple; three fires burnt within me: balls and tits

My sergeant dropped his heavy armor to the floor. I heard the
wet sound of meat smacking against rippled muscle. His hand
pressed between my shoulder blades, pushed me over. I rested my
hands on my knees. His foot kicked my legs apart. His finger
touched my virgin, sweaty hole.

In reflex, my prick erected. My breathing quickened.

I felt my sergeant's warmth suddenly against my back. A hot,
sizzling coal probed between my asscheeks. A hand spread me. I
was open to him.

I felt the smooth foreskin. His lube smeared my hole -- cold,
yet warming me. Hands grabbed my hips, held me steady.

The cock crashed through, and I came for the first time in my
life, a hot jet of gray cum spitting from my cock, balls jerking

I whimpered, and as the spasms died away I skewered myself
wantonly backwards onto my sergeant's huge phallus. He grunted
like an animal as he fucked me.

Salanu thrashed me a few times with the whip, then let Aradd
piss on it again. My pecs dripped sweat and horse piss. My
swollen nipples erupted with delicious pain.

The demon-horse watched me while I writhed in pain and ecstasy.
His cock slithered out a few more inches. He watched the Elf
beat me, his mighty cock inching out with each stroke.

The whip cracked, and I jerked, and it felt as if my puffy
nipples were dripping milk. Salanu's own phallus -- more
human-like in size and shape than Aradd's, but larger still than
even my sergeant's -- thrust out at a right angle from his groin.

On a final surge I rose.

My sergeant's cock churned in my guts, ramming against some
turn my bowels made deep inside me. In front of me were all the
orgasms he'd fucked out of me -- a thick pool of sperm laying
between my splayed feet. I hadn't moved -- bent over from the
waist, hands braced on knees, absorbing the shocks he pumped
into me. But my sergeant clutched tightly now, his arms hooked
under my pits, his groin slapping a military tattoo against my
red buttocks.

His orgasm was like a volcano erupting inside of me. I felt
his penis spit its semen. I felt my colon swell up around the
incoming tide, I felt it bluster from my asshole and run hotly
down my thighs. Perhaps I came, perhaps not -- the whole world
for me was my sergeant's cock and his offering.

The beatings stopped. I descended. My agonized balls were now
filled to the brim with jism. My cock jutted. Salanu's
foreskin still covered his fat cockhead. I watched pearly fluid

My thighs opened. I farted. I moaned. My nipples felt as if
they'd been gouged from my body, leaving two hollow pits in my

I looked up, and suddenly my mouth dried up.

The stallion's titanic erection arced out. It was huge. It
shamed serpents. It shamed swords. It shamed the brawny
thickness of my sergeant's arm, which on my eighteenth birthday
-- when I left the barracks -- came to know my asshole as well
as his cock did.

Aradd's eyes were narrowed, as if he peered into the distance.
Or as if he derived some horrible pleasure simply from being

I heard Mouraus, my own stallion, whimper in fear. He was
tethered to a stump on the other side of the clearing, my pretty
boy, lost in this wizard's nightmare. Mouraus had been captured
along with me as well. A big pied stallion, young and frisky, I
loved him with all my heart.

Salanu sneered, looking at my groin, "You humans don't have
much where it counts, do you? Elves' who've seen only three
winters have more meat than you."

"Will you tell us where the Rod is kept?" Aradd's voice was
the opening rumble of the gates of Hell.

"The Rod," I gasped suddenly, "has been my House's possession
for centuries. I will give not give it to ... a circus act."

Aradd said, "Little man, I am a stallion, not a circus act.
You will reveal to us where the Rod is kept -- even if we have
to keep your balls tied up till sperm bleeds through their

"I will not. I have sworn," I said.

"Salanu and I," said Aradd, "have sworn as well." The huge
horse whispered the Elf's name; they withdrew, whispering.

I closed my eyes. The pain had become a part of me and sang
within me.

Then I heard a scream. A horse's scream.

Aradd stood behind Mouraus, the demon-stallion's erection
thrusting long like a sword from between his legs.

In a swift motion, Aradd mounted Mouraus.

Mouraus bobbed his head, spread his legs to support himself.
Aradd leaned downward, placing his lips near Mouraus' ear, as if
he whispered something. His mighty prick probed under Mouraus'
big balls, rubbed against his sheathed cock.

Aradd humped my stallion.

Salanu came to me, seized my jaw, turned my head to look in his
beautiful face. "Watch this. Watch my stallion fuck yours,
Man, or I will have him fuck you."

Looking at that immense cock, which Aradd had drawn back and
placed between Mouraus' cheeks, sprouting from Aradd's groin, I
whimpered. That vast shape, forcing its way up my butthole,
would kill me. No human could ever accept such as phallus. My
butthole pursed; my cock, hard as the stone that tormented me,
spat a line of clear fluid.

Salanu said, reading my thoughts, "A human, possibly. But not
an Elf. I take it all the time."

I looked at his cock, fantastically hard, the head drooling
precum like piss. His foreskin was drawn back, the cheesy head
stood revealed, a helmeted warrior.

I turned back to the stallions, not wanting to think about what
he implied. But I was perversely excited.

Mouraus turned his head around, looking at the white stallion.
Aradd's big cock pushed at the equine gates. Mouraus swished
his tail out of the way, almost demurely. Did he know what was
to happen to him? Did he actually desire it?

Aradd stabbed forward. The scream that rent the night lasted
as long as it took for Aradd to sink all of his penis into my

A huge dollop of precum dropped from Salanu's cock. I looked
up at him, shivering. I had a vision of Aradd fucking Salanu.
I forget it as quickly as I could.

Salanu focused on the two bucking stallions. His gaze fixed on
the tight, hot juncture where Aradd's cock vanished into
Mouraus. He said, slowly, "He fucked me not long after I became
an adult."

I said nothing. But I remembered again my sergeant, and how he
had taken me, his size -- and my balls ached with unspent seed.

Aradd screwed Mouraus. The stallion drew his hips back. I
heard Mouraus' asshole slurp as the great weapon withdrew. Then
Aradd pumped, his muscles a symphony of movement, and the
phallus sank in again. I watched unbelieving as Mouraus' cock
snaked out of its sheath. It was a thick, brown penis. Slowly,
it hardened into a length of cock only just slightly less than

I watched as the Elf's master fucked my horse.

Salanu circled my bound, agonized body. I heard the leaves
snap under his unshod feet. He stopped behind me. I felt his
gaze fall coldly upon my ass. He grasped my right hip in his
hand. Looking down, I saw the wet head of his prick probing
between my knees. The hanging stone stroked his erection almost
lovingly. He sighed. Then his prickhead was gone and I could
not see him.

Something warm began to flow between my buttocks. It ran like
blood down my furrow, spread over my swollen balls, dripped to
the ground. "Ah, that feels good," the Elf breathed. His hot
stream splattered against my asshole. I opened a bit, felt
myself become wet inside of me.

He peed on my asshole for long minutes.

I could not help but spread my legs for him. The blue fire
cracked and popped, as if now suddenly began consuming the pile
of wood on which it danced.

"You don't realize, Laerak, that I can see the visions that
Aradd gives you. I saw you as you spread for that big man. I
saw how you writhed on his penis. I saw your floods of jism."
He reached down, yanked on the rawhide cinching my balls closed.
I moaned, groaned, bucked wildly. "Now I will take my pleasure
with you, and you will not have the privilege of orgasm --
unless you tell me where the Rod is hidden."

I clenched my lips, closed my eyes against the sight of the two
stallions fucking in the blue illumination, the huge pricks
dripping lust-fluids ...

His hips snapped forward and he speared me in one swift motion.
The pain was so great I screamed loudly as Mouraus had. He
rammed piss deep inside me; it burned gloriously. His big, low
hanging balls rubbed against my strangled spheres. The Elf's
callused fingers pinched and twisted my tits into an unbearable
agony, pulling them away from my body.

Slowly, he began to plow me.

I felt his long lance slid out. My colon closed up as he
withdrew; then he rammed it back in, that big Elven cock, sudden
shockwaves spreading from my gut through my body. My asshole

"Where is the Rod?" he breathed in my ear.

I swung helplessly in my bindings, feeling him ram me
repeatedly. Looking up, I saw that damnable Aradd fucking my
stallion. Two horses with erect cocks, one buried deep in the
other's bucking ass. Mouraus neighed, as if he enjoyed it. He
had to -- he rolled his hips like a mare being serviced.

"Where is the Rod?" Salanu said. His cockhead scraped over
that swollen spot deep inside my that only true males could
reach. Helplessly, I spread my legs for him, admitted him,
desired him, wanted him. Wanted this whole perverse, sick
evening. Silver sperm boiled in my choked balls. My eyes were
slits. Between my quivering thighs I felt him, my lord --
masculine, swollen, hard -- enjoying me as he denied me
enjoyment. My gates, spread immeasurably wide by Salanu's
churning cock, burned with his urine, burned with pain, burned
with lust, burned with desire for my rapist.

Salanu drew back suddenly, leaving just his cockhead buried in
me, abandoning the rhythm of the fuck. I cried out -- I felt
the awesome loneliness of the gulfs between the stars. I had to
have him fill me.

"If I could, I'd beat you again with the rawhide," he said.
"You like that, filthy human, don't you?"

Mouraus gave a great cry. I looked up.

Aradd chewed at my stallion's neck with his great white teeth.
Mouraus' head reared toward the sky -- his long skull made him
look, in silhouette, like an erection himself. Mouraus' great
cock thrust out between his legs, Aradd's own cock churned in
Mouraus' big butt.

Time seemed to suddenly stand still.

Mouraus orgasmed. A silver spurt of seed erupted from his
cock, shot between his forelegs in a long rope, and landed ten
feet in front of him. His balls contracted madly between his
legs. He fired rope after rope of horse-seed, his mighty load,
out onto the leaves.

Aradd rammed his crotch against my mount's ass, his mighty pink
lance holding the hot breach wide. His eyes rolled up, he
whinnied, and I knew he was coming inside my stallion, hosing my
horse's guts with his evil seed.

"Uh-huhhhh," breathed Salanu in my ear, slicing his cock back
into me. "Where is the fucking Rod? Isn't it hot to watch two
stallions fuck?"

I was going to come. I could feel the surge build within me,
gathering force. The Elf's cock pounded me, sending shockwaves
throughout my lower torso. His tongue entered my ear. The
sperm boiled, it rose -- but the rawhide on my balls kept it
from spurting. The sudden pressure was pure agony.

He yanked my balls. I screamed. He bit my neck. I felt, deep
within me, his hot sperm shoot out. It felt as hot as his piss
going up me. It slimed my ass. My walls bloated around the
flood, I felt my guts shift to accommodate the titanic sperming
that he gave me.

The Elf's teeth, buried deep in my neck, only tightened as he
shot. He did not release me until his flood of sperm in my ass
died away.

My need to cum did not abate. I felt the tension in my balls,
the hot trembling, like a barely restrained earthquake.

He pulled out, my asshole slurping at his thick tool. A flood
of semen -- thick, hot, steamy -- exploded from my asshole and
coated my thighs like warm syrup. He cut my bonds somehow; I
fell to ground. I started humping the dirt, trying to fuck out
my sperm. Salanu seized me, flipped me over. He straddled me,
sat on me, his ass on my chest, one leg to either side of my
shoulders. My bound fists shook with agony and lust.
Arrogantly his cock, slimed with gray fluid, pressed against my

I opened my mouth. It slid in me.

His urine tasted like wine. I gave it no time to puff out my
cheeks -- I swallowed his offering gratefully, greedily. I
drank his salty essence, seeing the smoke from the thousand
campfires of his memory rise as high as my ecstasy.

I tasted his sperm as it swirled briefly around in my mouth.

I cramped, bent forward, but I still drank. Urine dribbled
like saliva from my lips.

He finished, yanked his penis from between my lips. He turned,
seized my erection, stroked me.

I screamed. "By the Gods! Let me come!" The pleasure was
exquisite, the need overwhelming. I tried to pump his fist,
because I was so close. But he loosened his grip, sensing my
attempt, so that my cock pumped air.

"No," he said. "No relief for you. Not yet."

I looked up at him, pleading.

"Where is the Rod of Might?"

I looked over at Aradd. He had dismounted from Mouraus. His
cock still thrust out of its sheath, but it was limp. Mouraus
stood listless. Aradd's potent seed bubbled slowly from his
fucked and stretched butthole.

I looked at Salanu. His eyes were bright. "Please," I

"Where is the Rod of Might? It is the will of Aradd. You must

I closed my eyes. I had to come. My balls screamed.

The Elf's fist closed again on my cock. I could feel the blood
pulse in my organ. "Where is the fucking Rod?" he snarled.

I couldn't resist any longer. I sobbed. I said, "It is hidden
in the Caverns of the Borealdon."

He released my penis. He undid the rawhide. "You will guide
us there."

I whimpered. I exploded. The blast shot ten feet into the air
and fell on us like warm rain. The relief was glorious. I
thrashed and twisted, throwing Salanu off me. I felt suction as
my balls emptied themselves. I worshipped all men everywhere
with my orgasm.

When it died away, Aradd stood over me. He was on all sides of
me, a leg at each corner; I looked up at his belly. His cock
was mostly withdrawn into his sheath, but the head still was

I heard his voice. "You will guide us there."

I smelled him, and began to dream ... and in slow motion I saw
his pisshole gape open, and the golden stream began to flow.

The End.

Furface Fantasy

It all started one Friday when my friend, Kip, who I met a short
time ago, asked me to take care of his animals as he was going to
be out of town for over a week for the Christmas season. Kip left me
the key to his house so I could get in and said for me to make myself
at home.

Well friday came, so I got all bundled up and went over to make
sure everything was in order. There were two dogs, Furface and
Nugget, and some tropical fish and a few gerbils. Now when I arrived,
Furface started jumping all over me as usual and Nugget because of her
age just beat her tail a few times to acknowledge my presence. Furface
calmed down a bit after I petted him and started sniffing my crotch. I
was already horny as can be and this was causing my prick to stiffen
up. He must have smelled cum and sweat through my jeans as I was
jacking off earlier and hadn't taken a shower yet. This was too much
and I was alone with a horny labrador named Furface, so I pulled down
my fly and pulled out my hard cock. It was already damp with cum
because of how horny I was. Furface sniffed the scent and immediately
started licking my penis and balls and, in a few minutes, I shot my
load all over the place. Well I let him lick me for about ten more
minutes and then I stopped. I had a new experience and I thought that
that was it.

Later that night, after I got back home, I kept thinking of what I
had just done and I had to do something about it, so I jacked off.
Morning came and I went over to check the dogs again. I wasn't really
thinking about what I had done and I wasn't that horny as I walked
over. That all changed of course, as I went inside and got the greeting
I was so familiar with.
I took off my coat and two hooded sweatjackets that I had been
wearing (It was close to zero outside) and laid them on the floor.
My coat was spread out with the inside lining face up and the
sweatjackets were underneath to act as padding. Then I dropped my pants
and lay face down and started humping into the soft lining of my coat.
This is how I masturbate often when I am at home. Well I was really
working up a sweat when Furface started trying to mount me, but I was
too low to the floor for him to get a good grip on me. This was turning
me on so much that soon the entire inside of my coat was soaked with
Having relieved myself, I decided to give the dog his turn, so I
raised up on my knees with my ass in the air. Furface grabbed on
and started humping, but his hot, wet cock was going up my back instead
of in the hole, so I reached back and guided it in. His cock was
completely out of its sheath and pushing its way repeatedly into my
ass. I kept thrusting back to encourage him to go deeper and deeper
with his untiring throbbing motion. His front paws around my body
started getting tighter and his thrusts started getting longer and more
powerful, and I knew Furface was shooting his load into my craving
The throbbing died down and Furface pulled out still making humping
motions in the air. That's when Furface, to my surprise, started
licking my asshole out. I don't know what felt better, the fucking or
the licking as his long, juicy, warm tongue slid in, out and across my
ass. I was rock hard since he shot his load into me and was ready to go
again. I took my shoes off so I could get my pants the rest of the way
off. Actually, I had on a pair of sweatpants underneath a pair of
jeans. While doing this, Furface was licking the coat that I cummed on,
but I pushed him out of the way and assumed my position on the coat
once again, only this time I was fucking the soft fur lining on the
inside of my hood. I was wonderful, and the dog started licking my ass
again. It didn't take long before I was ready to cum again. So much
came out that I couldn't move for almost five minutes, while all this
time I was being licked all over by Furface. After recovering, I was so
horny that I didn't think anything could satisfy me. I wanted to fuck
the dog, but didn't want to hurt him. I had to find another way to
satisfy this tremendous urge. I got up and started to get dressed,
because Furface was coming home with me, tonight.
As I put on my coat, I noticed that it was soaked on the inside,
but the outside out it was still nice and dry. The smell of fresh
cum would keep me turned on for as long as I needed. I went into the
other room and took care of the other animals and got Furface's leash
while I was at it. When we got home, I knew we would be able to do a
lot more without worrying about messing up my friends house. When we
arrived, I unleashed the dog and headed for the bedroom to prepare for
another fantasy to be fulfilled.
I have to tell you a little bit about how I live before going on.
First of all, I masturbate a lot, about two or three times a day,
on average. To me, masturbation is as much fun as having sex with
someone, and it's always available when you need it. One of the most
satisfying ways that I've discovered is to lay face down and actually
fuck whatever it is that I want to fantasize about. Large, soft stuffed
animals are great and so are certain types of clothing. Well, I must
have over fifty hooded sweatjackets, which I will call hoods from now
on, and the sweatpants that go with them, tons of stuffed bears and
many thick plush winter coats.
I started by getting out a couple raincoats and put them on my bed,
which happens to be a full size bed. Next, I laid down a few hoods,
spreading them out flat, and a thick down coat with fur in its hood. I
took off all of my clothes, but I put the coat that I had been wearing
back on and hopped into the bed. Furface jumped into the bed with me
when I motioned to him. I had to take a really bad piss, so I let it
rip all over the coat and the hoods and I made sure to get the dog with
a little too. Using my own piss as lubrication, I fucked into my coat
hard and fast. Furface was licking me by this time, cleaning off any
piss, cum or sweat that he could get his mouth on. As I climaxed, I
lifted up to let it squirt all over and then went back down, exhausted.
The dog was trying to assume the humping position, so I turned over and
grabbed his dick and started squeezing it gently. The red tip of his
penis started to emerge from its sheath as it started to move back and
forth. I couldn't resist this delicious looking piece of meat just
hanging there near my face, so I pulled it toward my mouth and put it
in. As I started sucking hard on that hot cock, Furface started some
real serious pumping. I could taste the salty cum that was slowly
oozing out into my mouth. The dog's front paws were just above my head
and his back feet were on both sides of my neck. He was banging my face
hard by now and I knew it wouldn't be long. All of the sudden his front
feet pulled down into my hair, as he took those long throbbing thrusts,
blowing his warm, juicy load into my mouth. Mmmm, was it good, as I
swallowed every savory drop!
His humping slowed down, but I was ready again so I started to turn
back over, and as I did I reached for my stuffed gorilla, so I could
give him a workout. My gorilla is 58 inches tall and I've fucked him
many times before. Furface was in the corner of the bed licking his
balls as I prepared to mount the gorilla. First, I pulled down his
pants, then I started fucking him on my already wet bed. When I came it
shot from the gorilla's crotch up to its face and got all over the
underside of his nose, so I started licking it off. It didn't taste
quite as good as Furface's cum, but it was still quite good. After
this, I had to rest. Boy was this great -- having uninhibited sex with
a nice big dog in my own bedroom. I don't remember anything else that
night because I fell asleep.
Morning came, and the dog was still in bed with me. When I woke,
Furface started licking my hand, so I reached up with the other one and
started tickling his balls. I didn't think, before I had done this,
that I hadn't taken him out yet, and he started pissing on me. It
startled me at first, but it felt warm and good on me as I started to
guide it towards my mouth. Just as I started to taste its warm salty
tang, Furface was finished. I quickly rewarded him by hugging and
petting him. This was great because my stuffed animal had taken most of
the piss and the rest was trickling down onto my coats. I'm glad that I
put the raincoats down first. I turned over and started fucking on my
now soaked gorilla, cumming once again up its chest and into its face.

After resting a while longer, I got up, took a shower and proceeded
to go take care of the other animals, but Furface stayed in my
house. Seven more days went by each better than the one before until I
decided to take the dog back home. On the last day that I went over, I
decided to make sure everything was in order and clean up a bit. It was
when I was looking for cleaning supplies that I found a magazine in the
bathroom. Of course, with my curiosity, I paged through it and some
pictures fell out. They were of Furface and my friend Kip having anal
sex together. Kip had more in common with me than I had thought, but
who took the pictures? I put everything back and cleaned up. To this
day, I never got up the guts to tell Kip what I did, and a chance to
have sex with his dog hasn't happened since. Maybe someday.

Dog with a bone

'Ace' was a Rottweiler I knew when I was a kid. He had been bought
as a puppy by his owner, Steve, who wanted a guard-dog for his lumber-yard,
which was next to my parents farm. I was about fifteen when Ace and I became
neighbors. At first he was just like any other puppy; soft and cuddly and
full of fun, but as he grew he developed a mean streak, which could
be kinda difficult when he still thought he was a puppy and tried to
jump into your arms. Ever tried catching 125 pounds of dog?
Steve tried chaining him up, but he howled and barked continually.
It became more and more of a problem as Ace grew, it got to the point
where he would jump up at anyone who came within range. While this was
partly what Steve had bought Ace for, it did tend to make it
impossible for the mail-man, and worse, for Steve's customers, to visit
the yard. In the end, Steve said that he was thinking of having Ace
castrated in the hope that would quiet him down. It seemed a shame to
do this, so I offered to see if i could get control of him. Steve said that
if I managed this, he would give me a hundred bucks for my trouble.

That evening, I walked Ace home with me, and tied him up in the barn;
later, I went out to see how he was; he seemed quite happy in his new home,
so after filling his water-bowl I decided to turn in for the night.
Next morning, I was woken early by his barking, so I went out to see what
the trouble was. His water-bowl was empty, so I grabbed a hose-pipe and
refilled it for him. He drank about a pint. I untied the rope from his
collar, and he responded by immediately trying to jump up me!
I decided that I had to show him who was boss, and indulge in a bit
of dog-wrestling. We landed with me on my back and him astride me, but
with my arm locked firmly round his neck. I stared him straight in the eyes,
he struggled and wriggled, but I kept hanging on. His eyes started
to roll and I felt him start to relax; I had won my first battle with him.
I let go of his neck, and as he pulled away, I noticed that the pink tip
of his cock was peeping out from his sheath; also what huge balls he had.
Then it occurred to me that maybe his jumping up people was a sign of sexual
frustration; after all, he was an adolescent dog, and so was likely to be
subject to all the same urges and desires as us humans. Perhaps the jumping
up was a mis-directed attempt at the normal male dog's urge to mount, and
that he just wanted to come?
I ran my hand under his belly to his sheath, and gave it a good squeeze.
He did not mind me doing this, and responded by extending more of the pink
end of his cock, but when I did the same to his balls, he yelped, reared
up and tried to bite me; I guess they were a bit sensitive, so i tried
feeling them again more carefully. I was amazed that his balls were each
about twice the size of mine.
I realised that in order to give him a really good jerking off without
hurting him, I was going to need some sort of lubricant. I went back to
the house and got a bottle of corn oil from the shelf next the stove, then
walked back to the barn. I began to massage the length of Ace's sheath
slowly and rhythmically, feeling his cock inside.
After about ten seconds, the pointed pink tip of his cock appeared again;

I stroked this, pulling gently on it to make it extend even further.
It was rigid, but not fully erect; then I remembered that some guy at school
said that dogs cocks have a bone in them. We had all thought he was joking,
but now I knew it was true.

His cock was now sticking out about five inches, then suddenly the 'bulb'
part slipped out of his sheath. I dont know if you have ever seen a dog with
a full hard-on, but theres a swollen bit some distance back from the tip.
Anyway, this bulb part now came out of his sheath, and started to swell up,
all pink and covered with purple veins. I realised that if i was to continue
rubbing it, i could make him very sore, so I popped the top from the
corn-oil bottle and greased up my hands, then pouring some more oil into the
palm of my hand, rubbed it all over his throbbing, engorged organ.
Then i began to massage the bulb part, pulling it gently, trying to ease out
the full length of his tool. He suddenly started humping, so I decided to
keep my hands still and let him do the work. I was kneeling down so I braced
my forearms against my thighs and let him thrust away as much as he liked.
His bulb swelled up enormously so I could hardly contain it in my hands, and
he had about a six inch length of cock between the bulb and where it went
back into his sheath; he was really massive!
He carried on humping for about five minutes, all the time making slight
whimpering noises, seeming to be a combination of pleasure and anxiety.
Then he started to come, at first with a couple of shots of clear juice,
then a surge of creamy white followed. His breathing was heavy and labored,
as he arched his back in a final spasm of sexual ecstasy. Then he stopped
humping, turned his head, looked at me and gave my face a massive lick, as if
to say 'thanks!'.
His erection did not subside immediately he had finished humping; the bulb
part was still purplish red and massively swollen. Could he need more I
wondered? So I carried on stroking and squeezing at the bulb. He managed a
number of extra minor orgasms, each time giving only a few drops of clear
fluid, before the bulb started to shrink. When I felt that he had finished,
I let go, and he sat back on his hind legs, his cock, with the bulb still
partially swollen, flopping to one side. Then he began to lick the tip,
this made the bulb part shrink and retract back into the sheath within a
couple of minutes, but the tip of his tool was still showing.
Then he stood up, walked over to the door of the barn, and lifted his leg;
his first few drops of urine were thick with some of the remaining come in
his tool, then the flow became clear and strong. After this, he lay down in
a pile of straw and slept for about an hour.

After this episode, we were best of friends. Ace would follow me round
wherever I went on the farm; he got jacked off at least twice a day,
three or four times if he got lucky. In less than a week I managed
to train him so that his cock would unsheath as soon as I started rubbing his
balls; then all I had to do was get a hold of his bulb, rub him up to a full
erection, and then when he started humping, hang on!
Sometimes he would extend his cock in anticipation even before I got my hands
on his balls, so enthusiastic was he for shooting his load. And all this
time, he never tried jumping up at anyone.

It was a few weeks later when Steve returned from a trip to Hawaii that he
saw Ace again, and was amazed at the change in him, so much so that he
said he wanted to have him back at the lumber-yard. I knew that the only
reason he was so calm and manageable was his daily sexual exercise and that
was the problem; how was I to explain to Steve what was needed to keep Ace
happy was to drain his balls twice a day? I suggested that Steve could have
Ace during the day, but that he should not be tied up at night and so he
could come round my place if he wanted to. Steve said that since he wanted
Ace as a guard-dog, he wanted him at the yard during the night, but that
Ace could go where he wanted during the day. We agreed that this was a
good idea, and so I was able to keep giving Ace his twice-daily pleasure for
the next three years.

Then came the time I had to go away for a month. On my return, I was told
tha poor old Ace was back up to his old jumping behavior. But Steve was
amazed when the day after my return, Ace went back to his previous normal
self. I could not tell Steve that I had given Ace five ejaculations in a row
that morning. But there was clearly a problem that had to be sorted, as I
was due to leave town the following week. I decided that I had to explain.
So that afternoon, I went round to see Steve.

I was half expecting Steve to be really angry, or to treat me as some kind
of pervert, but when I explained to him what the secret of my success with
Ace had been, he fell about laughing! It turned out that while I had been
away, an intruder had gotten into the yard one night, and Ace had cornered
him. The police had found this poor guy the next morning, cowering in a shed,
drenched in dog-cum, and with Ace standing guard over him, having spent most
of the night astride the terrified intruder, happily humping away!

Steve then said 'well, I guess Ace is a real OK dog to have round the place,
I can see my way to giving him what he needs'.
I explained to Steve that the secret was to rub Ace's balls to get him
started, and offered to demonstrate. Steve was apprehensive about rubbing
a dog's balls for the first time, so took it real gentle; Ace was cooperative,
and got a hard-on in seconds, but it took some time to get Steve to use the
right technique of squeezing Ace's bulb. But after about twenty minutes, he
was rewarded by a massive shot of dog-cum, and a wet doggie lick across the
face. For the next week, Ace was clearly in the canine equivalent of heaven,
because he spent the days with me, getting plenty of what he wanted, and the
nights with Steve, who was also doing it to him. At the end of the week, I
had to leave, so I went round that evening to Steves. I gave Ace a final
goodbye jerking off, then much to my surprise Steve presented me with a
hundred dollars. 'Just like I said I would if you tamed that animal' he said.
Even now, when I go back to visit my parents farm, Ace usually arrives
to greet me within a few minutes of my arrival, and full of expectation of
getting his balls drained; he generally gets what he expects!

leather farm boy

A bright sun filled the deep, blue sky. Not a cloud could be seen as far
as the horizon. A gentle breeze nestled the leaves of the tall trees. In
a clearing a farmhouse stood with its wide, front porch. In the distance
was an old barn and corral. A Palomino pony was drinking for the water
trough, while a Mustang relaxed under the late Spring sun. The quiet of
the scenic afternoon was broken by the sound of the black pickup that was
pulling up near the barn in cloud of dust.

Kevin jumped out of the passenger seat with his knapsack. The bright sun
hurt his hazel eyes, blinding him for a brief moment. The driver got out.
"You wait here boy and don't move!" he ordered as he ran around to the back
of the barn. Kevin was a handsome man in his mid-twenties. He had high
check bones, was about 6 feet tall with a thin, but muscular frame. His
brown hair had grown a bit long and was blown back by the breeze. The
driver returned with another man who seemed to be in charge. He was
dressed in jeans and riding chaps. His black boots were dusty from the
trail and his shirt was open revealing his hairy, sweating chest. He had
deep, brown eyes, dark moustache, and several days stubble shadowing his
face. He spoke to the driver who then walked up to Kevin, took his
knapsack to the house, and then got back in the truck to head for parts

Kevin watched the Rancher intensely. He thought of the ad he had answered.
He thought about the many phone conversations that had led to their meeting
in the city and now his invitation here. He wondered to himself if he
could handle what would soon happen, but knew he would have little choice
nor offer any resistance. "Hey, Mac!", he grined as he reached for the
Rancher's hand. Mac grabbed it hard and pulled the boy towards him. Kevin
could smell the sweat of the trail on his breath as he spoke to him.
"Listen, boy. Get one thing straight. You only address me as SIR! Got
it!" he ordered as he spit into the boys face. "Yes, SIR " he shouted
back. "Good, now get that fuckin'ass of yours into the barn!" Mac ordered.

Mac pushed Kevin into the brightly lit barn. There were several stalls
where the horses would be kept. In the middle, however, he noticed several
long chains that hung from the ceiling. Nearby was a pillory. Kevin
noticed that near the stalls were several large cages with barbed wire
around them. Mac took a choke collar and attached it to Kevin's neck. He
pulled him towards the center of the barn. Mac removed his shirt, handing
it to Kevin. While he put on his harness, he noticed Kevin had taken the
shirt and was rubbing it on his face. Mac pulled him by the chain. "What
gives you the right to sniff my shirt!" Kevin trembled from the loud
resonance of Mac's voice. Mac took the boy's face and forced it into his
sweating armpit. "Lick it clean, boy!" Kevin hesitated. "Lick it, you
dog!" he ordered striking him across the face. Kevin worked cleaning his
master's armpits, first the left and then the right. Mac attached the
boy's wrists to the chains in the ceiling. He then took off his boots and
socks, tieing them to the boy's face so that he would have to breath the
stench of his well worked boots. Mac hoisted the boy until his feet
dangled slightly above the ground and stripped off his clothes. The boy
had a smooth body, except for a few hairs on his chest and his pubics. Mac
took an electric shears and removed the helpless boys hair. Kevin felt his
manhood being removed as he hung, breathing in the smell of the boots.

When it was done, Mac attached a rope that hung from above around Kevin's
cock and balls. He then hoisted the rope, pulling his body upwards
slightly. Kevin felt the rope pulling his cock. He soon sensed Mac
working his fingers in his ass. He shouted as Mac rammed his hard cock
into the hanging boy's hole. He reamed him mercilessly until he had shot
his load in his victim. Kevin felt his sore hole being stretched even
wider. Mac had forced a large plug into it. As Kevin looked down he
noticed that the plug from his ass seemed to have a tail attached to it.
Mac now took the cat-o-nine tails from the self and began to work on the
Kevin's smooth back. Each strike caused him to jerk in the chains, causing
the rope around his cock and balls to pull and sending a sharp pain through
his body. Mac continued whipping the boy until they both were in a heavy
sweat. The master then released the bonds from his slave and allowed him
to drop before his naked body.

The boot was removed from Kevin's face. Mac took a horse bit and forced it
into the slave's mouth, tightening it behind his head. He felt the plug
deep in his ass and noticed that he indeed had a tail attached to him. He
knew he was to serve as one of his master's animals. Obediently, he began
to follow the master. Mac struck him again with his whip. "You are to
walk on your hands and the balls on your feet, Understand!" he shouted as
he struck him again. Kevin obeyed and followed. His master tied him to a
post and order him to raise his one leg. Mac attached it to a table much
like a man about to shoe a horse. He whiped the bottom of the slave's foot
with alcohol. Kevin saw a strange device in Mac's hand. It was metal and
looked like many thick wires in the form of a foot. There was a place it
could be slipped over the toes and had small spikes throughout. Mac put
the "shoe" in place and hammered the base of it, forcing the tiny spikes
into the slave's foot. Kevin tried to hold back his scream. The "shoe"
was then strapped with leather to keep it in place. Mac repeated this on
the other foot. Kevin shouted out. his cried were met with the taste of
the whip. Mac now forced his "horse" to walk around the barn to get used
to the metal "shoes". Kevin soon felt them as part of his body. The bit
was removed as noticed Mac placed a bowl with "Kevin" written on it near a
stall. Mac filled it with something from a can that appeared to be for a
dog. "Eat! You worhtless dog." Kevin positioned himself in front of the
bowl. He knew he dared not do this wrong. He lowered his mouth to the
food and ate like a dog, drinking water also from a nearby bowl.

After he finished, Kevin was led to a stall. He noticed that there was a
cage door which opened from the floor. Kevin was ordered to lay down
inside. His wrists were secured to posts in the base of the cage as were
his ankles. Mac then secured the door shut.

The next day Mac and the driver removed Kevin from the cage. He noticed
they were both naked and took him to a corner and hosed him off. The plug
was removed from his ass, and the driver took the nosel from the hose and
douched Kevin's ass with it. Kevin was led to a strange looking bench.
His ankles were attached to the base. He was then bent forward and angled
down on a slant so that his head was almost on the floor as it reached the
front of the bench. His arms were chained tightly down and metal brace
held his waist in place. He was then moved while tied to the bench to the
horses stall. Both men took their turns fucking the boy's well stretched
ass. The driver then went outside while Mac rubbed an oinment all over
Kevin. He then used it in large amounts on Kevin's aching asshole. The
driver returned with a large horse. As the horse scented the ointmentit
became aroused. Mac took the reigns and brought the horse to Kevin's stall.
Kevin released he was positioned directly under the horse. He could feel
the heast from the horse's belly. The horse was reacting more to the mare
scent. The driver worked to keep the horse controlled while Mac grabbed
the erect cock of the animal and positioned the head in Kevin's ass. The
men moved away. kevin screamed as the horse rammed its cock into his ass.
Kevin thought he was being torn in half. The cock of the horse worked
faster in and out of his hole. He was sweating as he was being bred by
this beast. Mac and the driver watched with pleasure as the fucking
continued. Mac forced the driver to bend over and rammed his cock into the
other man as he watched Kevin being ravaged. Kevin's ass was filled as the
horse shot its load into him. Mac shot his own load into the driver at the
same time. The horse was removed from the stall and let loose in the
barn. As Kevin remained tied to the bench he felt the horse's cum flowing
out of his expanded ass.

While he was still tied, Kevin smelled iron burning. The driver put a
leather strap in Kevin's mouth. Kevin saw his master was heating a
branding iron. It was white hot as Mac walked towards him. He trembled as
Mac positioned the iron near his ass. He braced himself as the iron was
forced onto his tender ass leaving the same marking as was on the horse.
Kevin trembled and was sweating. His master released him and brought him
to a cage with his name on it so that he could rest. Kevin knew that he
had served his new master well. He climbed into his cage and rested
chained to the sides. His master had gone back out to the range. He
longed for Mac's return so that he could continue to serve him.

End Farm Boy

....Dedicated to a far away friend...

Mark's Vacation

Ah, beaches. Nothing but sand, and warm winds, and ocean waves.
Now Mark was glad he had paid extra to get a private bungalow. It
even had a shark net, so one could go diving in safety. He got up
from his easy-chair and stared out over the ocean. "Come, play in
me," it seemed to say. He grinned, his tanned face, with it's
blond moustache, crinkled in delight. Now was as good a time as
any to try out that new rig. A friend of his gave him a double-
tanked rig, that had a valve, so you could only use one tank at a
time. It was supposed to double your diving time. He put on a
skimpy bathing suit, more for looks than for protection. Mark had
never been much of one for modesty. With gear checked, and one
long look at his muscular frame in the mirror, he went down to
the shore.

Putting on the mask, and fins, he tightened the vest-like gear
that the air bottles were attached to. They had a two-way valve,
so one was shut-off, while the other sent compressed "air",
through the regulator, and into the mouth piece. The sea was
clear, and warm. Mark waded in, until he was past the sloping
sand shoal, and lay down in the water. He gave the valve and his
regulator one last test, and swam off to explore the bottom.

Riiip... Ouch! What the hell?!? He had brushed up against a sharp
piece of coral, and it had cut his suit, leaving a thin red line
across his side. He pulled it down, to examine the wound. A
scratch... His cock swayed with the gentle current. Mark
chuckled. His dick got hard at the strangest times... A shadow
flitted by him, then something bumped his butt. Mark turned to
see what it was. A dolphin?!? It swam around him, seemingly as
curious about him as he was about it. It eyed his erection. He
grinned and thrust it at the animal. The porpoise went to the
surface for a moment, then came back down, and bit his cock! The
animal gulped the fleshy tube into it's mouth, and rotating it's
tongue across the underside, and literally started jacking the
startled man off. He rubbed the smooth skin, and paddled feebly,
while a rough tongue scraped at the sensitive tip of his dick,
sending chills of pleasure up his spine. Abruptly it broke off,
and went back to the surface.

Then it came back and resumed it's lapping/masturbation. Mark had
an idea. He slowly swam towards one of the buoy/rafts that were
scattered throughout the bay. They were there for fun, and
safety. If someone got tired, they could float to one of the
platforms, and rest. The animal followed, clearly enjoying the
taste of him, and wanting more.

When it left for air again, he went over to the riggings, and
pulled himself half-out of the water. Then he waited. The
porpoise swam around him, trying to coax him back out. When the
man didn't more, it came over, and slid it's mouth over his
erection again. This time, the blow hole was just above the
surface. Now, it lapped wildly, able to breath, and pull on his
cock, at the same time. Mark groaned, and turned his air off. He
had propped the tanks in such a way, as to hold him in place. His
hands again ran over the "beak", the domed head, and anything
within arms' reach, as the animal continued to drive him crazy
with it's tongue.

The itch built in his balls, until he grabbed the rail behind
him, and snarling, pumped cum into the eager mouth. That talented
tongue milked him for every drop of semen it could. "Damn!" He
grunted, as the animal slowly, reluctantly pulled back. Then
pressing its tongue against his dick, in a dolphin's kiss, it
sank back into the warm waters. He checked his air-meter/depth-
gauge, still 10 minutes on tank 1, and he had a full one in
reserve. Maybe he had better get his scratch taken care of
first... Nah! Mark re-entered the water, and continued looking
over the floor. Something slid across his back.

He looked up. A sleek, brown animal slid around him like he was a
pole, then a set of sharp teeth bit gently into his naked ass, a
whiskered muzzle tickled his balls... then lazily swam around
him. Now, what the hell was a Sea-Lion doing here? "This must be
my day for surprises." It certainly was, because the dolphin
returned, and nuzzled his limp dick. "Sorry guy, no have...
Aaaagh!" The Sea-Lion scooted up, and it wasn't about to take no
for an answer. It's rubbery lips were pressed deep into his
groin, and it was sucking, lapping and biting on his cock. The
combination worked, because pretty soon the tip of his dick was
being pulled on by thick throat muscles. Mark groaned... and was
knocked onto his hands and knees by the dolphin.

It slid across his back, and he bit down into his mouth-piece, as
7 inches of dolphin cock knifed into his ass. The creature
squeaked, and lay on top of him, tail pressed against his calves.
Holding him with it's flippers, the animal rubbed his buttocks
with it's lower belly and pistoned it's dick rapidly in-and-out
of him. Something hard rubbed between his legs. The Sea-Lion
massaged it's cock on his flesh, then slid down, and the dolphin
stiffened. Mark could only guess that the animal was now
buggering the porpoise. It's hips were sure moving rapidly...
Mark felt light-headed. He yelped as the Sea-Lion nibbled on his
cock-head, greedy for his cum. Both cock and ass were punished
unmercifully by the horny animals, as they worked in unison,
driving Mark totally out of his mind.

The Sea-Lion came first, sucking erratically, then with urgency,
as Mark blew his wad down the hungry throat. The porpoise
shuddered, it's cock pulsing, and it gave him a warm, semen
enema. The dolphin rubbed the back of Mark's head and moved off
of him, it's dick disappearing into it's streamlined body. The
Sea-Lion swallowed one last time, gave his balls a whiskery-kiss,
and both animals disappeared into the bay. The man pulled his
trunks back up, and wearily made his way back to shore.

Mark got his tank off, and collected his things up. Another
gentleman strolled by. "Good Morning, Neighbor. Nice diving?"
Mark grinned wearily. "Sure is!"

The man looked out over the bay. "Have you met our 'friends'?"
Mark sighed. Had he ever!

"They are retired circus animals. Sometimes they do tricks..."

'You don't know the half of it, guy', Mark thought.

The gentleman continued down the beach, while the young man
gathered up his gear, and went on in to get cleaned up, and
relax. Two weeks... This was going to be one Hell of a Vacation.

The End.

The Dog

I had just finished sweeping off the deck and was preparing to take
a dip in the pool to cool off. Tim was taking advantage of the
seclusion my cottage afforded by working on his all-over tan. My
5'10", blonde haired, blue eyed, muscular, 150 pound friend had just
broken up with his boyfriend of two years and was in need of some
peace and quiet.

We have had a "more-than-just-a-friend" relationship for about five
years, since my coming out, and have occasionally spent the night
in each others bed. Nothing serious, but more than just a friend.
When Tim called at mid-week wanting to come to my house just to
talk, I knew he needed a friend more than a lover. Once there, he
cried for two hours sobbing out the events [that led to his lover
telling Tim he'd been sleeping with his secretary for three months,
she was pregnant and he was going to marry her. We stayed up most
of the night talking (we hadn't done much more talking since he met
Rodney), and I asked him if he'd like to spend a long weekend at the
cottage to regroup. I made it clear that I expected nothing in
return and that I'd enjoy the company. Enough background.....

Neither Tim nor I were shy about our bodies as we'd gone skinny-
dipping on several occasions, but the sight of him lying there with
the sun glistening on the beads of perspiration made my cock swell
inside my shorts.

"I'm gonna take a dip," I called to him from the deep end. "Wanna
meet in the middle?"

He raised up and smiled as I dove into the water. Gliding from the
force of my dive, I was a bit surprised when he plunged in next to
me at mid-pool. I hooked an arm behind his leg and pulled him
under. We both popped to the surface together and Tim's arms went
around my neck. I pulled him close to me and could feel his hard
body press against me as our lips met. We kissed gently at first,
but as Tim pressed his hips against me and my cock began to get
harder, our passion flared. I put my hands on his bare butt, cool
in the water, firm and smooth as I pressed him against me. As our
kiss ended we were both out of breath and flushed with passion.

"I want you" he murmured.

"You sure?" I asked. "I don't want to take advantage of you."

I was lying like a snake in the grass, but i really didn't want to
push him if he was feeling rejected.

"You're the only man I trust anymore since Rodney fucked me over.
I've seen you watching me in the sun and I've seen the bulge in
your suit."

To add emphasis to his words he dipped his right hand beneath the
water and ran his fingers over the straining material that confined
my hard manhood.

As he gently squeezed my shaft, he said "It's been two years since
I've had a real man like you inside me. I don't know what it is,
but you do something different or right and no one else makes me
feel like you do." He purred "Yes, I want you!"

We swam to the edge at the shallow end. Tim jumped out of the water
sat on the edge of the pool, spread his legs and leaned back on his
elbows with a sly smile on his lips and a look in his eyes that left
nothing to my imagination.

"Eat me like you used to.....long and slow, lick my balls, slide
your tongue up my hard cock." he cooed.

I kissed my way slowly down the inside of his leg, nipping lightly
with my teeth as I went. It was almost ninety out, but still he
shivered and goose-bumps appeared on his upper thighs. As I
ever-so- gently touched his balls with the tip of my tongue he
shuddered and let out a growling moan. His hands went to the back
of my head, his fingers tangling in my hair as he pulled my face
hard against his dripping cock. I stuck my tongue as deeply into his
pisshole as I could and let my teeth just touch his cock as I slid
up and down. Tim's hips started to buck and he gasped for breath.
"OH, GOD!" he finally screamed as the waves of his powerful orgasm
broke over him. (That's one thing I really liked about Tim, there
was never any question as to whether he was enjoying himself or

As I tortured him by softly tonguing small circles around his
cockhead we were startled by a commotion in the front of the
cottage. Being half a mile down a heavily wooded gravel road guarded
by a locked gate, I wasn't too concerned about visitors. These
sounds were by no means mechanical and sounded like animals

I pulled on my joggers as Tim grabbed his robe and we both went
through the cottage to the front door. I really had no idea what to
expect when I opened the front door, my shotgun in my hand.

There on the front lawn, about ten feet from the edge of the porch
were three dogs; a small beagle-looking bitch very much in heat, a
somewhat larger brown male actively trying to fuck the beagle, and a
young but full-grown beautiful black Great Dane.

The bitch was almost too small for the brown male and he couldn't
get his long red prick to hit home effectively. Every third or
fourth lunge, she'd raise up and he'd lower enough that he'd get
about half of his 5 inch dog-dick into her.

Then, just as they would try to get a rhythm going, he'd slip out.
The Dane was fit-to-be-tied and was just too tall to get anywhere
near the bitch. Never the less, he had at least eight inches of hard
canine cock exposed and was, as Tim so aptly described it,
"air-fucking". The brown dog was at least getting his dick wet, but
the Dane wasn't getting any relief at all.

"I've never watched dogs fucking like this before. It's really kind
of neat in a kinky sort of way isn't it." Tim said, never taking his
eyes off the trio.

The black Dane was standing over the other two stabbing at thin air
with his long red-tipped dick. It was apparent that he'd been like
that for quite some time as he started again to howl, almost as if
in pain.

"Poor thing" Tim muttered, "he's too big to get anywhere and it
sounds like he's in pain. He reminds me of Danner, the dog my
neighbors had when I was little."

"What do you want me to do, go jerk him off!" I chuckled.

About that time, the brown dog and the beagle-bitch got their "act"
together and got a good humping rhythm going. I put my arms around
Tim and ran my hand into his robe. I caressed his right tit
rolling his hard nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger.

He wriggled his butt against my half-hard cock. (Yes, I too was
turned on by the "show" we were getting.) As the brown male thrust
in and out of the smaller beagle, we could see an inch or two of his
hard prick as he pulled back to thrust in again. Tim ran his hand
into his robe and moaned as his fingers touched his still sensitive

"I will" he said in a husky purr.

"You will, what?" I asked, sort of dumb-founded.

"I will, if you'll hold him." His voice was almost pleading.

"What are you talking about?" I asked as I glanced around at his

I then saw that he was staring intently not at the two smaller dogs,
but at the big black Dane straining to get some relief from fucking
thin air.

"If you hold him, I'll jerk him off. He looks to be in pain and he
won't get any comfort from her. I'll do it for him if you'll hold
him. He's so big, and he's so beautiful. Oh, please help me get him
off, please."

Tim was almost whining along with the Dane and I realized that he
was serious.

I pinched his nipple a little harder between my thumb and finger and
said "Alright, if that's what you want, I'll help."

His cock was almost full hard as he kept rubbing it with the
slippery remains of his last orgasm.

At this point, the two smaller dogs were winding up their "act" and
the male was locked inside the beagle bitch. He slid off her back
and swung a leg over and there they were looking like two Siamese
twins joined at the rear.

"What are they doing that for?" Tim asked, looking very serious.

I explained that when a male dog cums inside a bitch, he gets a knot
in the head of his dick to ensure that all the semem remains in her,
and it'll take several minutes for it to go down so he can pull out.
Tim said that it sure would be nice if some men were that way too so
they would not just cum, pull out and go to sleep. "Present company
accepted, though." he added almost embarrassed.

The other two dogs were hobbling off down the road and the Dane was
still stabbing at the wind. Tim stepped off the porch and the large
black beast looked over at him, his cock still seven or eight inches
out. As Tim approached, his tail started to wag and he patted the
top of the dog's large head. He stood not quite waist tall to Tim
at the top of his head.

I approached him from the other side and patted his well muscled
shoulders. He was a young adult and someone had taken excellent care
of him. Tim ran his hands along his back and as he got to his
flanks Tim let his hand slide under the dog's belly. Although I
couldn't see, I could tell when he finally touched the long cock.
He cooed and purred and his hips twitched over and over as Tim
caressed the shaft.

Tim laid his cheek on the dog's head and chanted "There, there
Danner, I'll make it better for you, I'll make you cum."

The big dog stood there with his hips twitching in unison with Tim's
strokes, his long tongue hanging from the side of his mouth as he
panted in time with his hips. I sensed that Tim was in no danger
from this youngster and took my hand from his shoulder and released
his collar with the other. Stepping back, I watched Tim doing what I
had only fantasized about in the past. For what seemed like fifteen
minutes he stroked and caressed Danner's long pointed shaft, and I
watched spellbound as Tim started to grow im-patient.

"What am I doing wrong?" he asked, his eyes looking to me for an

"I don't know, I'm just about ready to cum just watching you two!" I

He released the red cock and put his hands around the dog's neck.

"Whats the matter boy, aren't I doing it right for you?" he asked.

Tim moved in front of the big animal and put his hands on his jaws
and looked him right in the eyes.

"I'll help you out if you'll help me" he said softly into his face.

The dog's long pink tongue slid out of his mouth and he licked Tim
from his chin to his eyebrows. Stunned, Tim sat back on the ground
and just stared at the big black dog and then he started to giggle.
I laughed out loud too at the sight of him sitting on the ground in
front of this magnificent beast with his robe gaping open at the
waist and his legs spread in front of him like he was offering
himself to the dog. Danner must have thought so too, because in an
instant, he stepped forward, lowered his head and stuck his nose
right into Tim's crotch. I took a step toward them, but was stopped
by a raised hand from Tim.

"Is that what you want boy, to eat a little cock, huh?" he cooed.

A moment later, he squealed and raised his hips slightly, and I
guessed that Danner'd stuck his long tongue right into his tight
asshole. His eyes got big, he got this strange look on his face,
and he started to get hard right there on the front lawn. Tim shook
and panted and squealed for what seemed like two minutes, before he
pushed the Dane's head away from his naked crotch and stood up.

"This just isn't the sort of thing that a gentleman should be doing
on the front lawn."

Tim said in mock society-snootiness. I thought for a bit that he'd
had second thoughts about helping the Dane release his tension, but
when he turned and headed for the porch, he said over his shoulder

"Come on boys, lets go where we can have some privacy!"

With that all three of us headed back through the house to the back
yard, The excitement showed, the beautiful black Great Dane had his
pink tongue hanging out of his mouth and his red dog-cock hanging
under his belly, and me with as much of a hardon as I've ever had
bulging in my swimsuit. If I'd had any neighbors, that scene alone
would have given them ammunition for gossip to last years!

Once we all got into the back yard, Tim was out of his robe in a
flash, and sat down on the edge of the chaise, his legs spread wide.
He rubbed his exposed cock and whistled.

"Com'on big fellah, do that again!" he called.

I didn't believe my eyes. Here was a fairly normal, handsome
twenty-four year old man who'd just cum not fifteen minutes ago from
being sucked off by me! And now he was coaxing the dane in for round

Tim was always a bit of an exhibitionist, and I'd never seen
him shy away from anything as far as sex was concerned, but this was
almost enough to blow my mind......but not quite! I'd had a "thing"
about a person and an animal getting it on together ever since I'd
seen that blue-movie that a friend and I snuck from his big brothers
stag party collection when I was fourteen.

Now I was getting a real first hand show by another object of my
fantasies, Tim. As the big dog's nose touched Kims balls, his
tongue snaked out and he licked his from his tight little asshole
all the way up his stiff cock and back again. Then his haunches
started humping again and I could see his long dog-dick start to
twitch under his belly. Tim slid his foot under the dog's belly and
gently rubbed the cock with his toes. He held the big black head in
his hands and murmured

"Com'on you beautiful beast lick me, make me come again, fuck my
toes, let it go......lick me, eat'on you beast...".

Tim was pulling his cheeks apart as the dog worked slavishly at
licking Tim's hot asshole. As the two of them were lost in their
own worlds, I moved closer to get a closer look. I knelt at the end
of the chaise not two feet from them.

The Dane was getting pretty excited by all of this, and so was Tim.
He opened his eyes and looked me square and said

"Will he fuck me if I let him?"

I didn't know whether to tell him no, to tell him yes, or just to
cum in my swimsuit.

"Take a deep breath and think about what you're saying Tim. That's
not a man, it's a dog, a BIG DOG." I warned.

He took a deep breath and let it out in sort of a raged reverse-
gasp. Taking the dogs head in his hands he looked into his eyes and

"You won't hurt me will you, you beautiful beast".

Then he looked at me

"I want to do it for him and I remember you told me you'd always
wanted to see a dog fuck a person. "

(He wasn't as drunk as I thought when I let that little tidbit slip
one night years ago.)

"Will he do it for me if you help us, please, I want to, please
..... please ..... please" he begged.

With that he started to pull his head up his belly as he slid lower
on the chaise, his butt resting over the edge. He pulled him by his
ears and as he stepped up onto the chaise, his long, red swollen
dog- dick was rubbing against Tim's own hard cock. They were about
the same length, with Tim's being slightly fatter. Tim put his arms
under his legs and pulled them up a little more.
The big dogs front feet came off the chaise and he was standing with
his front feet on the ground, one leg on either side of Tim's head.

As he slid forward, the tip of his red cock touched the opening of
Tim's wet twitching asshole. I heard Tim gasp, and almost tried to
pull the dog off him, but I heard him whisper

"Oh, YES!", and he raised his hips to help Danner's entry. He took a
step toward Tim with his back legs and hunched his powerful haunches
and his long red dog dick slid into Tim's wantonly wet hole. His
eyes got big and he gasped sharply and groaned

"Oh God! It's in. He's in me, Oh God!".

Again I almost pulled the beast off him, fearing that he was going
to hurt him, but I saw Tim's legs rise over the Danes rear and lock
over his pumping haunches. If Tim was in pain, he wasn't showing
any signs of it. He was helping the beast and holding him tightly
against him. Once inside, Danner's nature took over and neither of
them had any trouble as far as nature was concerned. Tim squealed
with pleasure every time the dog thrust his long red cock into the
hole, and the beautiful black Dane was, probably for the first time
in his life, fucking more than air and really getting the hang of

I watched in perverse awe as the two of them humped each other. Yes
Tim was fucking the big dog every bit as much as Danner was fucking
him, and the pair were enjoying it very, very much. I wasn't having
such a bad time myself either. I hardly noticed the ache in my own
now straining cock as I sat not three feet from those two, and I
realized that I was gasping for breath.

As Tim and his canine lover humped against each other I was amazed
at the rhythm and the pace. Tim's hips were twitching up to meet
each and every thrust that the dog made, and Danner was humping into
him twice as fast as any man could. The dog wasn't taking long
strokes like a man, but once he had his long cock into him he made
short thrusting jabs seemingly trying to get in even deeper.
Danner's furry belly was crushing and sliding over Tim's hard shaft
as he humped his own slick dick into Tim's asshole.

Tim was squealing and murmuring to the dog, urging him on, and then
he started to pant. It was as if he couldn't get enough air, and
then I realized that he was coming again, digging his heals into the
animals flanks with his toes curled up and his nipples as hard as
cherry pits. Over and over he shot against the dogs furry underbelly
as I watched. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over him again and
again. The dog took a long powerful lunge that I thought would
drive them both to the ground, and then he became very still.

From what I had heard, now was the time that the base of a dog's
cock swells to seal the vagina as he comes. Tim felt him start to
swell and looked at me, his eyes widening. "How big will he get?" he

I told him I didn't know, but to just lie still and not let Danner
get down. He said he understood.

"I can feel him getting bigger, stretching me a little, and his cock
is twitching inside me. It's really neat and I feel sooo full."

"Just lie still and he won't hurt you" I said.

"He'd never hurt me intentionally, I know that, he's just a big
puppy, but he IS a male, too." he purred as his breathing got
quicker. "I'm still hard, Oh my God, I'm so fucking horny!" he
hissed as he started to pant and gasp.

I watched the two of them lying there on the chaise for what seemed
like five minutes, and as I became aware of it, I realized that I
had cum in in my swimsuit, but my dick was still rock-hard. I saw
the dog start to move around, getting restless I guess, and then he
backed away from Tim. I heard a sucking sound and a "Plop" as he
pulled out of him. I was surprised to see how big he least 8" long, and about an inch and a half thick! He
walked across the grass and lay down to lick himself. I know how
Tim tastes, and I sort of envied him.

Tim just lay on the chaise, almost out of breath. He reached his
hand out to me and smiled.

"That was fantastic, simply fantastic!" he said as he pulled on my
hand. "Now let me take care of that for you" he gazed at my hard rod
and lay his head back.

I knelt by his head and he took my cock in his mouth and licked and
sucked on it. I was so excited that I came almost immediately and he
swallowed every drop, cumming again as he did.

"I'm going to take a dip if you don't mind"

he said as he sat up on the chaise, and we both were surprised by
the amount of liquid that poured from his gapping ass as he sat up.
We both started to laugh, and I helped him stand on what seemed to
be very wobbly legs. A few short steps and he dove into the pool.
I followed not wanting to miss any of the reactions to come.

As we met in the middle of the pool, Tim turned and put his arms
around my neck.

"Well" I said "how was it?"

He blushed about as red as I'd ever seen him and said

"It was different from making love to a man, it was making love, er,
having sex with an animal, a real animal. He didn't have anything
else on his mind except cumming in me, and then when he was done, he
just walked off. But when he first went in me, I started throbbing
and I didn't stop until he pulled out. Little waves, big crashing
ones, shudders, sharp ones, one very long one with lots of other
ones mixed in, God it was like nothing I've ever felt."

"And when he started to cum in me, he started to swell up and I
thought he was going to split me open. It didn't hurt, but he felt
so big down there. I wasn't scared, but I was so excited that just
wanted him inside me, and when you were in my mouth and you came
down my throat, I could still feel him in my butt, God what a

"Well which do you prefer" I chided "Man or 'mans best friend'"

"Silly, there's no substitute for the love of a man, but there is a
close second to sex with a man, and I'm not so sure a guy couldn't
get very used to animal sex with a beautiful beast like he is." he
nodded over to the edge of the pool where the Dane was laying "if,
and I must emphasize the if, there wasn't a man around."

"Would you want to want to replay this scene again?" I asked hoping
I already knew that answer.

"When I was lying on the Chaise, and he was just going inside me I
had a flash of a thought that here I was doing it with a dog, and we
were not even doing it 'doggy-style'. Yes I want to do it again,
not today, maybe, but I want to have him behind me next time at
least so he knows how to do it right with the other dogs!" we both
laughed and hugged and headed for the edge of the pool.

The big Black Dane met us at the shallow end as we climbed out, and
his tail indicated that he was happy to see at least one of us. As
Tim put his robe on and headed for the house, I went to got the dog
a pail of water. When I returned, Danner was no where to be seen.

After a shower and a good nights sleep, both Tim and I felt
refreshed, very relaxed.

"You're pretty quiet this morning. Have you had second thoughts
about the invitation to visit me?" I asked.

"I like nothing better than to visiting you. Yesterday was Fan-
fucking-tastic! I'd love to try some more things like that, but you've
got to promise me that you'll make me behave and not let me get into
more trouble than I can handle."

Tim purred as him arms went around my neck and he planted a long
kiss on my lips.

"Besides, maybe Danner and I can be your guests again next weekend,
and I want to practice my style..... doggie-style that is!"

With that he stroked my swelling cock and we headed for the bedroom.
Doggy-style, indeed. I'll show him that there's a beast in all of